ReVive Center for Housing and Healing is the trusted not-for-profit organization that is committed to solving homelessness in Chicago. For over 100 years, thousands of homeless individuals and their children have turned to ReVive Center for expert resources, award-winning addiction treatment programs and a compassionate place to heal and call home. ReVive Center is a vital resource based on Chicago’s west side, helping individuals and their families overcome chronic homelessness to gain hope and a fresh start regardless of their background. 

ReVive Center is a vital piece to the city’s west side, providing community assistance, life skills development and resources for thousands of families and over a hundred permanent supportive housing clients. ReVive Center recognizes the importance of keeping the family together, especially during difficult circumstances, and provides programs for children and individual family members in need of assistance while also supporting the family as a whole.

The organization offers 126-units of permanent supportive and affordable housing along with experienced staff members who understand and respect the condition of addiction and chronic homelessness in Chicago. 

Clients turn to ReVive Center for many reasons, but above all, they know that they will be treated with dignity and respect. The experienced staff at ReVive Center for Housing and Healing have decades of experience in homeless counseling, work transitions and addiction treatment services. They are committed to helping all individuals and families with a compassion and understanding that people have come to expect from ReVive Center for Housing and Healing since 1915.


  • ReVive Center gives over 1,700 brown bag meals every year to homeless individuals who stop in and need food.
  • Every year for over 80 years ReVive Center has matched impoverished families with individual donors and provides over 1,700 Christmas Baskets for 6,059 families who would likely have no Christmas without the work of ReVive Center.
  • On any given day in the city of Chicago there 6,000 homeless people living on the street. Over a 12 month period there are over 100,000 people who are homeless in Chicago – 1/3rd of these are children!
  • ReVive Center houses 124 individuals and families. Family residents are capable of keeping their children with them and keeping their families intact.
  • For 104 Years ReVive has been taking care of the homeless in Chicago.